Artists Worth Checking Out: Akira Jimbo

Released in 1991, this one-time Japanese drummer came out with some really cool selections on Slow Boat.  The album was part of a shift as new age music (mostly instrumental solo acts) was mostly on its’ way out in the budding genre of smooth jazz on the radio and vocals came back in a huge way.

Perhaps some of the instruments could have been perfect for dramas of the period like NBC when they had popular hits like L.A. Law or CBS going back a few more years maybe on hit shows like Trapper John, M.D. or even Magnum, P.I.

Nevertheless, the now defunct Optimism label of Woodland Hills, California provided some mellow songs–great for almost any party setting.

Teaming up with Jeff Jay and Cedar Walton, there are a few cool vocal entries:

  • Tracks 2–“The Summer’s End” and 8–“Playin’ Together Again”, where the background vocals were provided by Maxi Anderson.

Overall, the pace is slow to medium–great also for when you have to get some work done.

But the real reason to pick up this album online is Track 7, the over 5 minute gem called “Dreams of Rio.”

It is a very catchy tune.  Where I first heard it back in 2013, I felt I had to make a blog just for that reason.  The rhythms are very laid back and the melodies can be characterized as both calm and soothing.

The last two tracks go from very slow to slightly fast.  A very nice mix of songs from an artist who only did three albums each three years apart–in 1994 and once more in 1997.  Great album to add to your collection.


Well, my longtime fans and newer fans of this blog:  I know you all have been very patient in me trying to reveal my big announcement.

It will be well worth the wait, as I continue to try and get all of my facts straight and making sure all technical ends behind the scenes do not force me to restart my computer each and every time I wish to convey my thoughts to you each and every week.

At the very least, come Monday or Tuesday–my annual fun treat under the banner headline of Marco Loucura with the third annual Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament will hopefully make a triumphant return.  Again, all seeds will be determined based on the artist/group’s overall popularity (living or dead)–as long as they contributed at least one song with a Brazilian theme to it (didn’t have to be an entire album dedicated to all things Brazil like Diana Krall, Gal Costa, or Sherie Julianne).

But just like Kentucky has been mostly breezing through the regular season in my other blog covering the best of men’s NCAA college basketball in the United States, there has been one MPB during these last 12 months who has been shining head and shoulders above the rest IMHO.  If you manage to get some time and scan my past blog entries about that “other” tournament in March 2014, there was one woman who came on strong when the chips were down.

Yes, I can safely say–Basia’s run as the overall Number 1 seed has come to a crashing halt.

And just like what North Florida accomplished this past Sunday in becoming a first time participant in the real “Big Dance”, I will feature an artist that has never been included in this tournament–just so they can get some much needed attention.

I hope to get that chance to display the Brazil brackets once I accomplish two things:

1) Talk at length about how the real brackets turned out, and

2) Make my picks official with a PDF link for easy reference–remember, deadlines for all of you participating on any sports or online gambling sites is this coming Thursday, March 19 at 12 noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific time.

At least, spring arrived in my area but the ice is still sticking around just a little bit longer.  Wonder what tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve, now that a decent chunk of the West Coast has sent some of their nice weather to the mostly chilly environs of the upper half of the country.

Enjoy your weekend.


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