The third annual Marco Loucura Fun Jazz Tournament is here

Welcome one, welcome all.  For the third consecutive year, so many great names to choose from.  Similar to the crazy times in the NCAA’s where so many bubble teams from Christmas onward somehow (mysteriously?) made the field of 68–same case can be said here.

So many of my favorite MPB artists that I have blogged the last few years have also made this field.

Again, this is all based on general popularity.  Have fun, as it is my annual fun break from the usual CD reviews, 411 biographical sketches, and occasional tidbits on my favorite songs.

It is time for the third annual Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament!

Similar to the actual NCAA men’s basketball Tournament when their draw was conducted early Sunday evening, many loyal MPB’s had many fun and bright moments in the last 12 months and they were truly rewarded for a job well done:).

Like I initially mentioned back in 2013, it is all about popularity and who comes along really well in the end that shines in this competition.

Without further adieu, it is time to dive encabeçar primeiro, or head first into the brackets.  Let’s give a warm virtual welcome to nearly two dozen new artists to the mix.

But first, since this is a 68 team field–we have to have two opening round matchups slated for late Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Those matchups are their seedings in their corresponding regions are explained below (bold indicates first round survivors):

OCN Region:  (16) Tom & Julie vs. Marilyn Scott

ER Region:  (11) Juarez Moreira vs. Toco

ES Region:  (16) Kleber Jorge vs. Jane Monheit

MDS Region:  (11) Victor Biglione vs. Luciana Souza (sure, crowds at that concert will be packed just like Dayton and their loyal fans did indeed pack their own gym on Wednesday night).

Brief analysis, plenty of good matchups here.  Let’s see how it all shakes out.

So, are you ready for more fun?

Sim Nós Somos (Yes, We Are)  See, I am slowly learning some Portuguese.

Again, unlike the other brackets where you play for prizes and money, here is this just for virtual bragging rights and lots of fun.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Let us dive into the brackets, starting with the upper left portion in paying tribute to one of a pair of great musicians and overall great guys in Brazilian jazz history who left our world in 2014:

Oscar Castro Neves Region

1. No surprise, but the overall Number 1 seed belongs to:  Gisele de Santi.

I bet she wasn’t smarting after losing out on the title to Stan Getz in 2014.  But Getz was sadly kicked to the curb on Sunday as another budding MPB safely made the field.

16. Tom & Julie

8. Ivan Lins

9. Sherie Julianne–this is one intriguing matchup.

5. Sabrina Malheiros

12. Laura Fygi

4. Boney James

13. Randy Crawford

6. Lori Carsillo

11. Till Bronner

3. Joao Gilberto

14. Evan Marks

7. Gal Costa

10. Herb Alpert

2. Marisa Monte, same seed as last year

15. Lonnie Liston Smith

On to the lower left of your brackets, it is the region named after a true legend in more ways that one who left this world way too soon in the world of Brazilian jazz.  Just like John Belushi blazed a trail for zany comedy, here is a different firecracker of a region named after a true legend in more ways than one…

Welcome one, welcome all to the…

Elis Regina Region

1. Milton Nascimento, just like Wisconsin–a first time as a top seed

16. Luisa Maita

8. Walter Wanderley

9. Dori Caymmi

5. Cafe Jam

12. Baden Powell

4. Claudio Zoli

13. Ze Bruno

6. Pat Metheny

11. Toco

3. Marcio Montarroyos

14. Trio da Paz

7. Maria Bethania

10. Bebel Gilberto

2. Diana Krall

15. Maria Rita

On to the upper right and a very nicely laid out region named after one of my newer faves in jazz circles.  Certainly, there are no such things as Complicated Animals in this group, aka the:

Monica da Silva Region

1. Joyce Cooling

16. Ithamara Koorax

8. Nilson Matta

9. Leila Pinheiro

5. Glaucia Nasser from Talisman

12. Zizi Possi

4. Fabiana Passoni, the 2013 Fun Jazz Champion

13. Clara Moreno

6. Al di Meola

11. Luciana Souza

3. Brandy Volant

14. Machan

7. Wanda Sa

10. Daniela Mercury

2. Patricia Talem

15. Deborah Lutz

Finally, in the lower right corner of your brackets…again, honoring another departed artist, it is the…

Emilio Santiago Region

1. Frank Sinatra

16. Kleber Jorge

8. Ed Johnson

9. Batacoto

5. Bebel Gilberto

12. Hadley Hockensmith

4. Leo Gandleman

13. Soulstance

6. Bruna Caram

11. Al Jarreau–very surprised he was one of the last to sneak into the field.

3. Ivete Sangalo

14. Jun Miyake

7. Les Hommes

10. Robin Lukas

2. Bianca Rossini

15. Stacey Kent

Sorry to those like Manu Santos, Halie Loren, Tokyo Blue Star, Lani Hall, and Os Cariocas who saw their bubbles burst.

A lot of interesting matchups, to say the least.

But by the time we regather the weekend of April 4, this will be my Brazilian Fun Jazz Final Four:

I have in one of my brackets Gisele de Santi going all the way.  But who could halt her run to glory?  Certainly, Diana Krall, Milton Nascimento, Joyce Cooling, and Patricia Talem could all be in that mix in the end.

My sleeper pick of course has to be Glaucia Nasser.  The way she talked so many cool things in my recent online interview really made me appreciate her talent that much more.  Many people have Iowa State making a deep run in the real Big Dance.

And yes, try not to count out Lori Carsillo–she is always looking to break new ground as well just like Butler is after the shocking departure of popular coach Brad Stevens to the Boston Celtics of the NBA.  And yet, here they are back again.

For my overall thoughts on the real “Big Dance”, please point your browsers to:

My key thoughts on the brackets, plus all of your tip times and TV/radio  information is all there.

And yes, I will have my weekly album review before the first full day of action with a whopping 16 games each on Thursday and Friday.  Enjoy the fun times, everybody!


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