Master Composers: Chris Standring Really Shines With Blue Bolero

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Born in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom in 1960, Chris would make his way from growing up on a arm outside Aylesbury and venturing across the pond to Los Angeles by the early 1990’s.

He was part of a group in 1998 called SolarSystem on an album titled, “Velvet.”  Two years later, he would go solo by producing several 1970’s jazz elements combined with hip-hop to nice acclaim.

But it was the album pictured here from Ultimate Vibe Recordings for my CD review of the week really propelled Chris to even greater heights in 2010.

With Dave Karasony on drums, Barbra Porter on violin covering most of the tracks, and Larry Steen on acoustic bass–the tenth track is worth the cost of the CD.  Credit also to Rico Belled on bass with “Bossa Blue.”  The song stayed number 1 for contemporary jazz in the USA for nine straight weeks on the radio charts.

Most of the songs which Chris described himself in the liner notes were simply mentioned as, “the movie of my life”.  The songs cover a wide range of emotions, but the pace is very relaxed and not too tense at all.  From the title track (number 2) to Track 4 “Contemplation” and the cool party down song on Track 12, “March of the Bowler Hats”, this album definitely gets a thumbs-up from me.

Five stars all the way!

What Chris lacks in liner notes with the simple cardboard backing, he made up for it with a simple card asking fans to go to his website and purchase a download for $19.99 of two other bonus songs that were not quite good enough to make the final cut.

After doing a Christmas album with Kathrin Shorr in 2011 and another soulful instrumental album titled Electric Wonderland in 2012, fans simply could not get enough.

In the meantime, let the soulful songs of sultry vocalist Lauren Christy guide the ladies to try finding the man of her dreams in the really cool new single, “Ride” from the upcoming Don’t Talk, Dance album–street date is Tuesday, May 5.

Next week, it is my third installment of my Compilation Pick of the Month.  Some of you coffee lovers might have picked up this CD at most Starbucks coffeehouses during 2014.  And yes, one of the tracks features everyone’s favorite “Girl from Ipanema”–who happens to turn 73 this week in Astrud Gilberto.  In my case, I did not have to drink any coffee because 1) I have never tasted it, and 2) I only had to spend $3.98 to buy it online–and most of that covered shipping costs.

The album is appropriately titled, Music is The Pulse.  Just like the bunny rabbits in those cute and clever Cadbury Creme Eggs ads have a pulse for all things Easter related, this album should get more than your spring fling on.

So ladies, while you unwind with a good book after picking out the latest cool dresses to wear, this will be a nice album to have on your playlist or while listening to the physical CD in your car.

And for the guys (depending on what type of weather Mother Nature dishes out at us), you can either have this album play as nice background music while doing some much needed spring cleaning (we certainly don’t want to disappoint the ladies now, do we?), or if winter’s fury finally leaves to go to the southern most states of Brazil, go ahead and sip that first nice, tall glass of icy cold lemonade when you are taking a break from mowing the lawn.  We guys definitely will deserve it:).

Yes, that is not a pre-April Fool’s joke!

Please continue to spread the word about my blog.  Tell some friends about it, since I have noticed how some search engines are picking up my tags and that’s great to see.

See you all next week.

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