True heavyweights occupy the Brazilian Fun Jazz Final Four

Hopefully, Fabiana Passoni had a better week than Wayne Blackshear, senior of Louisville.

In my college basketball blog, good thing he did not faint (if you manage to find the link, please read the paragraph highlighting the part “not for the faint of heart”).

Although Louisville lost that game on Sunday, and Fabiana’s place in the Brazilian Fun Jazz Final Four was taken over by the 7 seed of 1960’s singer extraordinaire Wanda Sa.

The rest of the matchups were what I expected all along.

So come Super Saturday 2015, on the fourth day of the fourth month in April–it is:

Gisele de Santi

vs. Milton Nascimento

Frank Sinatra

vs. Wanda Sa

If I was a betting man, it would Ol’ Blue Eyes and Gisele duking it out for the title.

We will see what happens come Saturday.  Enjoy the games, everybody!


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