Artists Worth Checking Out: Want Something To Relax With? Check Out Caibedo Tale

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There is very little information online (let alone the liner notes) about this group, but this album is simply amazing.

Stellar as in…AMAZING!

Each track makes you feel like you are waking up in a 5-star hotel with a beach staring outside your window.

The best track is Track 5, “Flying to Bahia”–a stellar mix of soothing grooves and mellow beats that can even calm down the most hectic of situations and maybe moods as well.

Other cool tracks include Track 2, “Breathing The Wind” with groovy action on the sax aplenty and Track 8, “Sensual Bossa”, which I feature below.

Hopefully, my lack of words this week won’t hurt, so pull up a chair and kick off your heels as we settle in and savor this breezy spring entry:

Next week, I will take a look at an early 1990’s artist named Yutaka.  See you then!


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