Artists Worth Checking Out: Yutaka Brings Nice Blend of Cool Songs

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Yutaka Yokokura comes to Brazilian jazz from Japan.  The pianist, keyboardist, kotoist, synthesizer, arranger and composer was born in 1978 and produced three albums in a six-year span (Yutaka was released in 1988 and Another Sun in 1993).

But it was his second album which came out in 1990 that deserves a highlight as my album of the week.

From the very first song, the catchy English vocals on the title track immediately conjure up one word in mind:


Gracinha Leporace added some excellent vocals, as she would also provide a few more soulful versions of Track 5, “Lambada Nova” (or “You’re No Good For Me”) and Track 8 with, “(If I Only Have) One Chance”.

The rest of the songs are mostly a lot of bass and acoustic guitar–nice songs to enjoy while painting a room in your house or welcoming guests to a dinner party.

Pauline Wilson provides the closing number on “Say You Do”.

Overall, an excellent album worthy of adding to your jazz library.

Speaking of which, it is back to the present day as longtime fan of this particular blog recently came out with yet another dazzling EP.  She also tackled one song from the 1980’s that is a bonafide, quintessential smooth jazz classic.

More on that blog when you look at my next entry above this one.  See you there!


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