Artists Worth Checking Out: EP by Complicated Animals, Too Catchy For Words

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Loyal friend and fan of this blog in Monica da Silva charms us again with her carefree and very catchy blend of indie bossa pop.

Starting off this six song, 17 1/2 minute EP from Socialite Fiasco Music–she again teams up with Chad Elger by leading off with a nice song simply called, “Roadmap”.  If you listen to her voice and the pace in which she sings, it is almost reminiscent of “Ai Entao”, (one of her videos of which I initially profiled her in May 2014).
The pace does slow down a bit for the next two songs.

“O Que Passou” simply means, “What happened?”  Whenever Monica decides to talk about the meaning of that song, I guess I will be just as puzzled as Adam Schefter and Mel Kiper, Jr. in deciphering all 249 picks in the NFL Draft.

Moving on…more of Monica in our English language with “Phoenix” on Track 3, a simple but very catchy summertime type song called “Bees Take To Honey” and the many blending of soothing instruments on “Drive Around In Cars.”  The Portuguese tune, “Sempre Aqui” (or “Always Here”) rounds out the EP.

Overall, a very good set of songs to relax while at your favorite beach, or just to simply unwind after a long, exhausting day at the office.  Hope there will be more cool songs to enjoy in the future with this budding artist.

Try to get your copy while you still can, it is a definite keeper!


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2 responses to “Artists Worth Checking Out: EP by Complicated Animals, Too Catchy For Words”

  1. Monica da Silva says :

    Thank you so much for writing about our new EP on your blog, Matt! We really appreciate it! Monica and Chad – Complicated Animals

    • bigzbossanovabeat says :

      It was my pleasure once again, Monica and Chad. The EP is definitely a great listen, and I hope other fans that read this particular blog can get into it as much as I have. Thanks so much for your kind comment.

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