Concert Review: Marina Elali sizzles on Longe Ou Perto

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In 2009, superstar MPB artist Marina Elali really lit up the night sky with this true gem of a concert.

Albeit it only lasts about 70 minutes, the high energy that she performed on stage in her interactions with the crowd interspersed with her many exciting music videos, this concert is not to be missed.

For starters, yes–there is an English translation of every section of this DVD.

19 total tracks and multiple clothing changes are the norm, ranging from the energetic opening of “Mulheres Gostam” (“Women Love”) in which she talks about the many compassionate things women typically do for a living.

Track 6 features the Portuguese version of Gloria Estefan’s big 1990’s hit “Reach” (of which her awesome video is one of four featured on the bonus features).

George Michael and Wham’s 1985 hit of “Everything She Wants” is also in the concert.  Towards the end, we get to hear her sing in English on “One Last Cry.”

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The other bonus features are wide-ranging, and very, very cool.

Music video wise, I would recommend the second one “Estoy Enamorado”, in which Marina channels her inner Mariah Carey as one guy looks at her, falls in love, and they definitely make out in a car (but I won’t spoil the ending, you have to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray disk and find out for yourself).

The other bonus features include a few documentaries, including a 30 minute feature on her life and how she managed to rise through the ranks at such a young age.

There is also some priceless home video of her during her teenage years, plus some backstage commentary with her band members.

The DVD also comes with a 12 track CD, of which 3 songs are sung mostly in English.

I give this concert DVD five stars all the way!

I certainly hope, wish, and pray that Marina Elali will be one of the many singers that will be chosen to perform at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

She has it, meaning that she has that rare combination of grace, personality, a wide ranging voice, and excellent fashion sense to back everything up.

A power packed concert if there ever was one.  Go buy your copy online today, and thanks for reading my quarterly concert review.

Sometime in July, we will take our act to the beach with Brazilian music royalty.


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