Artists Worth Checking Out: Velas Smooths Out Any Weekday or Weekend

Jose Marino (bass) and John Pisano (guitars) both have had long, distinctive careers.  Although very little information is available online about their careers, they both created quite a magical album in 1991.

Featuring many slow to medium tempos and cool, calming rhythms throughout–Velas from Voss Records is one worthy jazz album to add to your collection.

Leading off is the instrumental ballad “Ilha Dos Frades” (translated to “Dos Frades Island”).  Longtime MPB artist Kevyn Lettau lends her vocals to the Yutaka Yokukara led “Whenever Your Heart Wants To Sing” on Track 2.  Lettau blends in more Portuguese on Track 5, “Muito Mas” (or “But Very”).

Another recognizable track is Track 8, the toe-tapping, hand-clapping “Voltei Pra Ficar” (translated meaning, “I Want To Stay”).  It is a really cool song for any lazy summer’s day.  Even Kleber Jorge lends in some background vocals on the last track, “Bosco Mania.”

The remaining tracks take on a very carefree, methodical pace just right for those lazy days lying on the beach or sipping your favorite cocktail after surviving a rough week in the workplace.

Next week, I will hope to find a cool album cover profiling Claudio Zoli.

Hope to see you then.

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3 responses to “Artists Worth Checking Out: Velas Smooths Out Any Weekday or Weekend”

  1. jazztraveler says :

    Sounds like an interesting album. Unfortunately neither spotify nor iTunes seem to carry it – a shame! Thanks for sharing anyway!

    • bigzbossanovabeat says :

      At least, you should be able to find the physical CD somewhere online. Just fyi, not all Brazilian jazz can be found easily online. Just ask the people behind the scenes if they can add it to their playlists. Perhaps then and only then will this brand of music grow in the social media world. My goal is to post CD reviews weekly for your listening pleasure.

    • bigzbossanovabeat says :

      You can find it always on CD. Look in Amazon, eBay, or–that is where I usually check to find Brazilian jazz (small hint, look under the Latin jazz category).

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