Artists Worth Checking Out: Marcio Faraco Brings Lots of Guitar on Ciranda

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Presently calling Paris, France home–this Brazilian born singer and guitar player has made quite a name for himself.

Marcio Faraco has produced eight albums between 1995 and 2014.  The entry for this week is his second and probably his most famous work, Ciranda.

The title track moves along swimmingly like a gentle lake or ocean breeze in summer.  Plenty of gentle guitars and lyrics flow throughout the song.

The next two songs are very slow and carefree, perfect for a lonely Sunday afternoon while you are reading your favorite book.  The best song of this album IMHO is on Track 4, the very frenetic pace of “Meu Juramento” (simply translated to “My Oath”).  The rest of the songs are deliberate in nature, except for the rat-a-scat type of beat on the final track, “Vida Ou Game” (“Life Or Game”).

This 2000 release by Universal Jazz Music France should be a worthy addition to any Brazilian jazz fan’s library.  His albums can easily be purchased online.

The album overall is quite a nice and very cool set of songs.  Very calming and soothing, almost similar to what The Postmarks do for independent/alternative rock.

Next week is another cool compilation, but with a slight twist on the universal Brazilian theme commonly known as “Rhythm and Romance.”

Hope to see you all then.


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2 responses to “Artists Worth Checking Out: Marcio Faraco Brings Lots of Guitar on Ciranda”

  1. jazztraveler says :

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for pointing this artist out to me and also for making my life easier by recommending this record as a starting point. Will give it a good listen!

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