Artists Worth Checking Out: Soulstance Is A True Summer Delight

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Here is a different compilation of sorts to close out this rather rainy and wet month of June (at least for most people in the Eastern half of the United States).

In 2001, Gianni Lo Greco and Enzo made some really nice compositions and it would become one of Schema Records best producing albums.

Although initial sales statistics are not available, this music features some summertime cricket sounds when you first hit the <Play> button.

Very steady and soothing grooves throughout as Enzo plays the flute, guitar, electric and acoustic bass, and keyboards.  Gianni did the drums and percussion.  They also got some assistance later in the album with the flute by Giulio Visbelli and more vocals and steady bass on Tracks 8 (the title track) and Track 11 by Antonella Mazza, the popular “Mainstream” hit song.

For your reference, most of the tracks appeared in prior albums titled En Route and Act On!  My favorite songs are the opening track, “Blue Grassland”, Track 4 with their version of “Kickin’ Samba” and Track 5, the theme from Abbadesse’s Street, which turns out to be a popular street in Rome, Italy.

Some very sexy vocals occupy Track 6, “Riding the Mambo”–nice song to kick off your heels and shoes after a rough day at the office or getting through a grueling workout at your favorite gym of choice.

But most of the rest of the album mostly takes on the same smooth and romantic qualities of slow and steady grooves–with the small exception of the faster pace on Track 10 simply titled, “En Route.”

A great choice for any time of year, but summer in particular–this album definitely gets my highest rating and it is available for purchase online.


With the Independence Day holiday weekend coming soon as the United States gears up to celebrate another birthday, you may have noticed some of my regular blogs being replaced from time to time by updates from down in Rio de Janiero.  That is a for very good reason.

We are a little over 13 months away from the 31st Summer Olympic Games, the very first to be contested in the continent of South America.

From time to time, I will plan to update fans and fellow MPB artists on the progress of some of the venues that may still not be completed and ready to host competitions.

Look for my next update sometime early next week.

The regular weekly CD music reviews resume just after the Fourth of July holiday weekend with the group headed up by the father of Sabrina Malheiros (a past blog subject when I discussed her rather cool summer type albums in July 2013) in Azymuth.

If I don’t see any comments before July kicks off in earnest, I hope that all of you that reside in the United States have both a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Please do not let the fireworks hurt any people or property and see to it that those grills are lit properly so everyone can enjoy their favorite hot dogs, hamburgers, or my favorite summer pastime when it comes to BBQ food–the shish-ka-bob (just me typing that last sentence alone wants me to taste some the first chance I get).

See you all sometime next week.


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