Olympic Update

The spots are filling up, and Brazilians get more chances to claim their special tickets.

That and more in this special blog update with only 13 months remaining until the 2016 Rio Olympics officially kick off.

Yes, many locals are getting their hands on plenty of cool tickets for most of the venues.  Every other country will have to claim their tickets via a special lottery drawing.

Leading off, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was on hand during Olympic Day festivities on June 23 while a diving program took place at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park.

The Rio Organizing Committee reminds everyone that the core values of sport for society are as follows, just in case you might have forgotten:

  • Citizenship
  • Ethics
  • Social inclusion
  • Healthy living

Also, more countries are continuing to fill up spots for Rio 2016.

They include:

Germany and Denmark join the host nation and Argentina for men’s soccer/futbol, while China, Germany, and Great Britain join the Republic of Korea in women’s field hockey.

A small shocker happened on June 29 in women’s basketball, as Serbia won the European basketball championship and the fact that Russia who finished sixth was unable to qualify.  This marks the first time since the Eastern Bloc boycott during the 1984 Los Angeles Games that the Russians will not send a team to the Olympics.

The Ukraine, along with France, Italy, and Germany will be sending some ladies to the diving platform after earning Olympic berths in the middle of June.

One final note of action on the field before we get to the really fun stuff…

Serbia came up huge in men’s water polo claiming the World League championship over Croatia.  Meanwhile, Brazil disposed of the United States to claim third.

Who Wants To Have Some Fun?

Many children in Rio are having fun, thanks to the fact that on Copacabana Beach will have the first ever pitch in rugby sevens.  More information can be found at this link:


Construction for three arenas is mostly on schedule

Carioca Arenas 1, 2, and 3 are starting to take shape, as this story and some really cool pictures from both inside one of the arena and a spectacular aerial shot are shown here:


Now, Are You Saying That You Want To Have Fun,

or Do You Really Want To Have Fun?

Finally, here is something really neat for kids as well as adults.

The next time my favorite MPB’s like Fabiana Passoni, Bianca Rossini, or Bebel Gilberto visit Brazil–check out their Cartoon Network channel as the two Olympic mascots will be starring in 32 two-minute episodes about getting people excited for the 2016 Olympics.

The first images, of course feature that watershed day of October 2, 2009–the actual day when Rio was chosen the first ever South American city to host a Summer Olympics.

Btw, don’t Vinicius and Tom look so cute?  I think so.

Here is the story, just in case you might have missed it:


The series premieres in August.


My goal is to hopefully provide an update on Olympic competitions and any relevant news concerning progress on the venues themselves at least every two to three months.

Between my other blog (which will be picking up major steam starting the week of Halloween and continuing until the first full week of April) and running my own small business, it will take away a huge chunk of my time unlike in years past when I began posting in this blog.

But rest assured–the weekly CD reviews will return next week at its’ regularly scheduled postings.  Please have both a fun and safe Independence Day holiday weekend to all of my friends in the United States.


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