Concert Review: Bebel Gilberto Dazzles On Copacabana Beach

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In December 2012, Bebel Gilberto returned to her homeland to film a beachside concert.

With half of the concert being done in daylight, while the second half was done in mostly darkness–the orange hues from Sugarloaf Mountain and the constant stream of the headlights from cars off in the distance on a road that aligns Copacabana Beach made for a really unique backdrop.  The DVD of this performance was released in 2013.

Sporting a shoulder length red dress that evoked memories of Diana Ross performing so long ago, Bebel brought on a lot of energy and enthusiasm with each of her songs.  Around 50 to 65 people attended this beachfront gathering.

Whether it was performing the 1984 Duran Duran Top 40 rock hit single, “Rio” (even with several interested beach gazers looking on in the background):


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…or at night performing one of her hits, “Aganju”, she truly had lots of fun.

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Other English songs included “Close Your Eyes”, followed by the classic “Summer Samba (So Nice)” number halfway through the DVD.  At night (where over a dozen large CFL bulbs helped light the stage very nicely–there were still some people lounging on the sand about an hour into the concert where there was a little residual light).

Bebel mostly sang a mix of her earlier tracks (including performing “Samba e Amor” performing in a studio shot in B&W) and closed it out romping without her heels on while singing “Sun is Shining” just before the sunset and a pair of birds flying off in the distance as the waves crashed onshore.

Sadly, her recent hit of “Secret” was not included in the program.

Chico Baraque and Flavio Renegado also assisted brilliantly in this special concert (actual running time is a little over 1 hour, 16 minutes) that is perfect summertime viewing and excellent background music for any light dinner party.

Even better, there are 15 excellent pictures of Bebel and her bandmates scattered throughout the twelve page color booklet.  This is definitely a superb DVD to add to your collection–and it is available in most places online.

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