Artists Worth Checking Out: Superpulse Turns Up The Heat

In 2009, electronica music group Superpulse released their MP3 album Rhythm Motion Picture 2.

It covers 12 tracks and lasts around 47 minutes.

One clear note to mention–this album is NOT available on a physical CD.

Rather, it can be downloaded online–either via payment on Amazon, Pandora, or other streaming music sites or you can look elsewhere to find where you can download some songs for free.

The hot tracks are Track 4, “Beach In My Mind” and Track 7, “The Whole Point of No Return.”
Most of the songs take on that club vibe of being either in Miami or London–where the lyrics sometimes try lead to find differing beats and rhythms which pulsate the brain into different directions.

The melodies are simply breathtaking, and that is why hopefully you can find some app on your smartphone that carries this album.  Their first album is also a decent listen as well for your soundtrack of summer.

Next week, I will return to my usual CD reviews with Manu Santos–a definite rising star of Brazilian jazz in the last few years.  Enjoy your weekend.


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