Rising Artists: Manu Santos Sparkles With Bubbly Album

Image courtesy of blognotasmusicais.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of blognotasmusicais.blogspot.com

Normally in this space, you expect to see a short biography on the artist.  Sadly, there is very little mention anywhere of Manu Santos except that her bubbly album, Nossa Alegria was released in 2007.  Her website is all in Portuguese, if someone can successfully translate her words–that would be great.

What I do have to say otherwise is mostly good, so please read on.

Even the pictures inside the cardboard are very nice.  It reminds me a lot of Patricia Talem, showing off shots of the beach, her sand soaked feet, and the gaudy jewelry draped near her lipstick red colored fingernails.

The songs themselves are refreshing, very methodic with a light, breezy pace.

My favorite songs were on Track 3, “Canto Pro Mar” (translated meaning, “Corner To Sea”, Track 7, “Uma Flor” (“A Flower”), and Track 9, “Chao de Jardim” (“Garden Floor”).

Her voice is very calm and cool throughout each of the tracks.  The pace and rhythms are not too fast, but not too slow either.  It is a very nice album, definitely worthy to play anytime day or night–private setting or with a gathering of family and friends.

She also came out with another CD in 2011, but I know that the album cover that you sea above is available online–but copies could be sometimes scarce.  I waited two years to purchase this album, and I was beyond thrilled to finally see a copy arrive in my mailbox this past spring.  Manu is definitely going places, and judging by her extensive use of social media–I hope we get to hear lots more of her work in the coming years.

Next week, please look for my monthly compilation album.  It promises to be a true sizzler in every sense of the word.  Please try to keep cool everybody, since some key parts of the United States is enjoying their first non-rainy week in many, many months but Southern California made up big time for their long suffering drought.  As a consequence, residents and many businesses have to struggle with flooding problems.

No matter how you slice it, Mother Nature loves to throw us curveballs.

Enjoy your weekend.


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