Compilation Pick: Brazilian Chill Sessions Provide Instant Summer Relief

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Twelve tracks of instant summer bliss awaits when you check out this 2007 selection from Argentina’s Music Brokers label.

Sprizty versions of classic Brazilian jazz songs are included.  “The Girl from Impanema” on Track 2 done by Ituana, while Karen Souza does a suave version of “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars” on Track 6.

Other cool songs to check out include Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classic “Wave” tune done on Track 5 covered brilliantly by Brazilian Jazz Cuts vs. Style Project.  Also worth taking a note is on Track 10 with “How Insensitive”, another Jobim classic done by the group Stereo Dub.

Overall, another really cool compilation album and this CD is widely available online.

Next week, we will stay in Brazil but feature a rising artist who was actually born in the United States and has called Rio her home since 2008.

I will profile her solo virtual album next week.  Hope to see you then.


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