One year until the Olympic Games begin

Wow, how time flies.

Before my favorite MPB’s and loyal fans of this blog scream loud and proud,

Viva La Brasil

We still have the biggest and most perplexing question of all whether sports historians will place Rio as one of the coolest and most picturesque venues in Summer Games history.  That involves the deplorable condition of their water, especially in the area around the southeastern end of Guanabara Bay which meets the Atlantic Ocean.

I recall reading an article in the New York Times a while back (in which I talked about in a prior blog) saying in part that it would take upwards of possibly ten years for qualified environmental workers even with gaining possible assistance from members of the EPA in the United States that might take on the gargantuan task of digging out sewage and properly making the water safe for use in the rowing events.

Starting to get excited, even just a little bit?

More importantly, where is the jetinho (the knack)?

But if you look at the NBC Olympics website, they already have their introductory video (as part of the overall NBC Universal mega promotion campaign) set up and general 411’s on each of the 34 contested sport that will commence in and around Rio.  Of course, it will start out with Brazil’s most popular sport two days before the flame is lit in various soccer venues and conclude 2 1/2 weeks later with the men’s marathon finish line at the venerable Sambadrome (the same venue that is used for a few nights before Lent begins in the worldly popular event called Carnaval).

For a quick primer and map, along with three Portuguese speaking YouTube videos showcasing construction of some key venues, click on this link:

As promised, I will provide another update towards the end of the month in showcasing the basics of the now suddenly TV friendly sport called Rugby Sevens.

I first became hooked moments in late April after a Chicago Blackhawks first round Stanley Cup playoff game in the United Center against the Nashville Predators.  That Sunday afternoon at Sam Boyd Stadium (the normal home of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels football team) was simply incredible in seeing all of that end to end action.

Just you wait until you see how this game is played.  IMHO, this will probably be the Summer Olympics equivalent to what curling has become for the Winter Games since 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah–a sport with a rabid cult following that is easy to follow, but sometimes difficult to master.

Have a great day.  See you with my next Rising Artist blog soon.


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