Artist Worth Checking Out: Want Beats That Speak Summer? Check out Coiza Boa

aaFrom the very first note to the last on this 12 track masterpiece, Quetzal Guerrero’s sauve sound (complete with a cover that I am sure many MPB’s and other female fans will be having their hearts pretending to melt like butter over a hot skillet)…

Originally hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, many websites have called him, “a young Jimi Hendrix”.  His credits include sharing the stage with the likes of Jorge Santana, Tito Puente, and Lalo Guerrero.  His birth name, Quetzal, derives from the Aztec-Nahuatl language and it simply means “precious feather”.

Quetzal began his classical music training at the age of four in 1985, studying the violin method popularly known as Suzuki.  The following year, he attended the Suzuki International Institute in Matsumoto, Japan which led to being named as featured violinist for the Conservatório Pernambucano de Música annual recital in Recife, Brazil in 1990.

In 1991, he began performing professionally with the group Zúm Zúm Zúm and was invited by Tito Puente to perform on stage in San Diego, California three years later.

By the end of the 20th century, he returned home to perform at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix.  Nowadays, he has teamed up with Grammy Award winner and legendary singer/songwriter Lalo Guerrero throughout many intimate concert venues in both California and Arizona.

After the title track, a nice song to shake your groove thing to is “That Somethin'”, especially with lyrics calling people to “live it up.”  Other cool songs that are definitely worth listening to while reading your favorite beach novels on the sand include Track 4, “Everything” and Track 6 with the multiple instruments taking over on, “Morning Gaze.”

Overall, a hot album with a hot cover that is perfect for summer.   What more can you ask for?  I give this album my highest rating, 5 stars.

All that is missing is a nice pair of sunglasses while sipping on ice-cold lemonade that isn’t too sugary to be sweet but just the right amount of squeezed lemons from the produce section of your favorite grocery store not to become too tart.  Soak up this album when you can, or find a CD online–copies are easy to find on Amazon and eBay.

The “La, La, La” sing is featured prominently on the opening track.


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