Olympic Update: Why are Rio’s waters so deplorable to swim, let alone to row?

Today (Thursday) while thumbing through the August 17 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, there was a small headline on the quaruple regional cover of NFL stars looking for a breakout season this coming autumn and this simple headline:

RIO 2016:  One Year Out

Alexander Wolff, veteran college football/basketball/Olympics writer since 1980, wrote an article which can be summarized simply as painting a very dark and sickening picture as crews frantically try to showcase the world how much their construction efforts will make 2016 the most picturesque Summer Olympics in history.  Even with showing off some truly fabulous pictures of Rio’s gorgeous scenery, there comes this hard dose of reality that when we think of the saying on Brazil’s national flag–they seem to have the first part down in Order down pat.  But where is the second and the most important part, that part being called Progress?

If you get some time to pick up the issue at your local Barnes & Noble or check it out at your local library, this article is too important not to ignore.

Again, please hear me out–I do not wish to hear about any tourists, Cariocas that are proud to call Rio their home and all of the Olympic athletes that are busy in training no ill will of any kind.

If you wish to comment on this article once I post a link to it, I would be very interested to read how Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes has simply been saying all along, “The water is safe”.

All I can say with my heart of hearts is this:

Cry me a river, build a bridge

but until that day (if and when it ever happens) when various government and environmental officials declare with near 95% certainty that the water is deemed safe to swim or row in, the Rio Olympics Committee is running out of time.

Rio has proved me wrong once before, where I boldly said in this space on how they were going to handle the thousands of people during their most popular sport in hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  But in the end, with only minor reports of looting reported by many online and television outlets–cameras caught Brazilian fans screaming and dancing for joy after each victory like they were Cameron Crazies after the Duke men’s basketball team wins an NCAA Tournament game, before eventually looking dejected after their shocking 7-1 loss to the eventual World Cup champions of Germany.

And especially to my favorite MPB’s who comprise a majority of fans in my blog, my latest burning question is an obvious one:

Do you honestly believe that Rio’s water is still unhealthy to swim in, let alone drink?  I would be interesting in reading your thoughts sometime on this sorry subject.  In the meantime, please enjoy your weekend.

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