Rising Stars: Alexia Bomtempo Making Big Waves in Rio

Image courtesy of blognotasmusicais.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of blognotasmusicais.blogspot.com

When we think of musicians that are born in Brazil and make their musical marks in the United States, you often think of names from legends like Antonio Carlos Jobim and Sergio Mendes.  Even a flock of today’s popular MPB’s from the likes of Fabiana Passoni and Bianca Rossini who proudly call Southern California home immediately come to mind.

Enter an artist who has accomplished the opposite.

Alexia Bomtempo was born in Washington DC, but this particular singer/songwriter has spent her time in Rio since she was a young girl.  After taking up voice in New England for 3 years, Alexia has been hitting the club circuit.  According to her brief bio on the last.fm website, they list a few of her popular songwriter colleagues, including the likes of Dadi, Pierre Aderne, and Mú Carvalho.   She signed on with EMI which produced a 2012 Portuguese singing album called “Astrolábio”, which was produced by Dadi.

My review this week is about her English singing album from 2008, “I Just Happen To Be Here”.  Both of her albums are not sold online in physical CD formats, but you can check out her work on MP3 using your favorite smartphone app/desktop link of your choice.

The very first set of lines in her first song titled, “A Little More Blue” conveys her truest thoughts on what uncertainty life throws at us on a daily basis.

Since a good majority (not all) of ladies struggle at time with self-esteem issues, you can hear the passion in her voice with every song she sings.

Part Diana Krall meeting Sabrina Malheiros meeting a young Lani Hall, please don’t confuse this Taylor Swift lookalike with other popular MPB’s.  The songs are delivered at a consistent, steady pace–not too fast, but not too slow either.

Great songs for listening while at work or working on that time consuming, back breaking Ikea bookshelf/dresser project.

Even with Rio’s depressing economic and general well-being conditions (please see the link to the August 17 Sports Illustrated article for more gruesome details), Alexia is definitely creating quite a splash–and a pleasant listen at that.
Even on stage, like this photo clearly confirms–she knows to bring the right notes and moods to an audience:

Image courtesy of redeglobo.globo.com

Image courtesy of redeglobo.globo.com

Next up, I bet many ladies will have their hearts going pitter-patter after seeing the cover to Quetzal Guerrero’s tropical cover.  See you then!


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