Artist Worth Checking Out: Nothing Ape About Celia Vaz Who Gives Proper Ebb and Flow

A longtime teacher who had Antonio Adolfo as a student, Celia Vaz graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1976.  Since then, she has produced many albums mostly dealing with the guitar.  Between 1980 and 2000, she has produced ten albums (a few of them her AllMusic page notes were only released in Japan) with the likes of Pat Metheny and Wanda Sa of Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’65 fame.

This week’s entry should transform your mind instantly to your favorite tropical paradise with the lush rhythms and sensual summery beats awaiting every second on Ebb and Flow. (Below CD cover courtesy of

aaPlenty of nice beats on the first track, “Na Fabrica” (translated meaning, “In The Factory”).  Couple that with some steady flute saxophone action done masterfully well by Marcelo Martins on Track 2 with “Pro Bonfa”.  We finally get to hear Celia’s steady voice on Track 3 with “Obrigado Donato”–but again, the pace is not rushed or will blind you into a false sense of security if your beach blanket gets stolen or blown away by a huge gust of wind.

However, that mostly pales in comparison to the party like vibes she gives on “Nas Aguas Do Rio, Part 1” and Part 2 closes out the album.  Thanks to the fine work done by Marcos Amorim on steel string guitar and Marcio Malard on cello, there are definitely lots of interesting beats that might harken you back to the groovy 1970’s.

But before you decide to yell, “Far out!” at the top of your lungs, hold back just a bit and peel off the layers where the pace slows down methodically from Tracks 5 to 9, almost at a pace that can traced back paralleling Marcos Valle and Diana Krall all the way down to Joao Gilberto and Stanley Turrentine, just to name a few artists.

Topping out at slightly over 50 minutes, this would be a cool soundtrack inbetween futbol (soccer) practices or just sipping that extra tall ice cold glass of lemonade.

But with all of Florida under a State of Emergency that was enacted on Friday, please send your prayers to everyone that you might know who resides in the Sunshine State and hopefully, the remnants of Tropical Storm Erika will hopefully have a majority of their wind swept rain hopefully trace off towards the Atlantic Ocean and not towards popular tourist destinations like Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and of course, Jacksonville and Tallahassee in advance of Florida State kicking off their new college football season next weekend.

But another Olympic update will be up this weekend, and I will give you all a primer on how Rugby Sevens is played.  I will spend little time talking about the (mostly boring) history of how rugby would take days, let alone weeks to complete one single match before there was a winner.

But thanks to a more TV friendly set of rules, I have a good feeling that Rugby Sevens should (with a proper base on which to grow an audience) hopefully replicate what curling has become since Americans began to fall in love with one of Canada’s most popular sports during the 2002 Winter Olympics staged in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Look for my thoughts sometime on Saturday.  Have a good night, everyone!


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