Compilation Pick: First Volume of Many In Bossa Now! Series Became Rousing Success

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Released on June 26, 2008 under the NuGroove Records/Point South label, this compilation was the start of several bossa themed versions where many popular jazz artists combined their unique talents and came up with this cute gem of an album.

The song that ignited my passion and started my love affair for Brazilian jazz leads it off with Marcela Mangabeira’s memorable ballad of “Para Ti.”  After that, only three of the remaining 11 tracks last just over three minutes each.

Roberto Menescal contributes mightily in this album with four entries, but only one as a solo artist (“Influencia do Jazz” on Track 2).  He also teams up with his trio on their version of the megapopular hit song “Mas Que Nada” on Track 3, along with the remix to “Swingueira” on Track 7, and Wanda Sa joins him on Track 8 with “Tem Do.”

Another cool song to check out is on Track 4, “Ela E Carioca” by Os Cariocas.  Definitely something to savor as the ladies walk by mostly without a care in the world, except to remember that they apply adequate sunscreen so they wouldn’t get any type of burns or even worse.  Leny Andrade’s soulful version of “Rio” closes out this compilation.

Future versions of this series also included tunes in bossa form in the version originally penned by Burt Bacharach and Stevie Wonder.

During the final week of September, I will be highlighting one of my all-time favorite artists in the world of smooth jazz as I explore Volume 7 with Gervaso Silva taking a true spin as the “Smooth Operator” tackling the fun songs done originally in the middle 1980’s by Sade.

In the meantime, a song that should put every one of us in a very good mood will be my album selection next week.  The group’s name is De-Phazz and their 1999 lounge album simply called Godsdog has one really memorable track that will have you singing the chorus for years to come.
But there is one small catch–please do not be at all fooled by the album cover.

You will find out when September begins.  Hope to see you all then.

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