Olympic Update: As expected, Los Angeles earns bid for 2024 Summer Olympics

I think this is an excellent move recently done by the United States Olympic Committee.  This was after many vocal citizens and public officials in Boston dropped out after nearly two years in the running.

I see the move hopefully going for Los Angeles for two reasons:

  1. They know how to run an Olympics.  For those young enough to remember that glorious summer of 1984, even the CBC network in a program simply called The Golden Summer told Canadian viewers at the same time where Frank Gifford and esteemed Olympics host Jim McKay were counting down the final seconds in what would be ABC’s final ever televised Summer Olympics–this piece clearly showed how much fun the “City of Angels” really enjoyed:

2. Los Angeles already has the infrastructure in place, and the LAPD is very familiar with traffic patterns.  The only difference if they are chosen again in 2017 is that the world is a much bigger place.  Even without many nations present during the then-former Soviet boycott in 1984, this is a much different era compared to the then-record 140 nations Peter Jennings mentioned so glowingly during the 1984 Opening Ceremonies.  But unlike Boston or Chicago, staging the Summer Olympics would have meant major gridlock–not just for the athletes and the media, but especially for the fans, the thousands of business workers who use the streets and expressways every single day to deliver goods and services and the many thousands of loyal residents who call both of those proud, tradition-rich American cities home.

For the record, the International Olympic Committee will vote in September 2017 as Los Angeles will go up against prior Olympic hosts in Rome and Paris, along with Hamburg, Germany and Budapest, Hungary.



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