Artist Worth Checking Out: De-Phazz Brings More Than The “It” Factor

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By combining Latin rhythms with soul, trip hop, and some modern turntablism, you get some very groovy lounge sounds that might at first glance could sound like the opening credits to some spy movie or seeing that next sleek car ad on a darkened, deserted highway during the second quarter of that February’s Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, even with its’ rather quirky cover seen here from the 1999 album Godsdog, De-Phazz  did deliver with one very cool hit song.

Distributed by Intergroove of Germany under the Mole Listening Pearls label, even the multi-fold liner notes all decked in burgundy definitely entice the listener with very subtle and romantic statements such as:

…Transferring information from one point to another.

Visions came along too strong and drugs just seem too weak.

MMH, somebody bring the spirit back.

Next message!”

The vocals were split up on many songs, including the soulful rendition of “Jazz Music” from Karl Frierson.  Charity D. Sanders lends her soothing vocals on Track 5, “Zero Zero”.

However, that pales in comparison to the stellar vocals done on Track 6, simply titled “Happiness”.  Pat Appleton’s clever used of words especially in the main chorus emphasizing the connection with the word “misery” draws the listener to hear more, and hear it again in many places.  Also, check out the subtle keyboards from Otto Engelhardt.  He also chimes in on the trombone on nearly every other track on the entire album.

So, if you are hearing it at home entertaining friends or family, or in your car on your way to catching some much-needed sales at your favorite shopping mall or outlet center, this album is definitely worth purchasing online.  Plenty of copies are available where-ever albums are sold.

Track 7 mostly takes you onto the set of your favorite sci-fi television series with the slow, pulsating beats and an announcer guy mentioning things about “I’d do anything for you” as the woman wonders what presuming is her husband/boyfriend wondering about the trivial pursuits of this complex game called life.  Also, there are some cuss words mentioned on that track, so be careful when listening to parts of that particular track.

The rest of the album takes on a very slow and methodical pace.  I would recommend Track 16, “Anchorless” and Track 12, “Havana Moon” as good alternative selections.

Since their second album, they have gone on to produce nine more albums.  According to their Wikipedia page, the group has mostly branched out to doing mostly sample-driven jazz performed by the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra and Amon Tobin, a Brazilian composer of electronic music who also is a producer.

Hope everyone has both a nice and safe Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States.  And I would not be remiss to wish all of my MPB’s and their families a Happy Brazilian Independence Day on Monday as well.

Hopefully, this last fling of summer mugginess will head south of the Equator soon so I can continue posting relaxing sounds for fall.  Nevertheless, more cool CD reviews will be hitting your inbox faster than you cook up your favorite chicken or pork dish.

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