Master Composers: Manfredo Fest Dazzled With Several Cool Vibes

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Known as Manfredo Irmin Fest (May 13, 1936 – October 8, 1999), this one-time bandleader and composer grew up in Sao Paolo and made the United States his home for the last 32 years of his life.

But what a rich and detailed musical legacy he left behind.

Teaming up on this 1997 Concord Jazz classic was an esteemed lineup of jazz greats:  David Finck on electric and acoustic bass, Phil Fest with the electric guitar, Vanderlei Pereira on drums, and special guests Hendrik Merukens on the harmonica along with Steve Sacks (not to confuse it with the 1983 lead-off batter in the 50th Anniversary Major League Baseball All-Star Game, former longtime second baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Steve Sax) on alto sax, flute, and also with the alto flute.

This was Manfredo’s 17th out of 18 albums that were produced during his illustrious career.  The songs give a very bubbly and refreshing vibe, with the rhythms being both simply cool and excellent.  Instantly, the listener should be gravitated towards party mode, ala some of the jazz composed by Chip Davis during the early 1990’s when he was not doing his internationally famous Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums (of which you can find under the simple, Party:  Music That Cooks album title from 1992–the one with a fiery barbecue grill lighting up on the cover).

Each song is simply beautiful, from the fluid pace on the opener of “Secret Love” and the title track which can be found simply on Track 3.  The pace slows down on Track 4 with “Caminhos Cruzados” (simply translated to, “Crossed Paths”).

Perhaps his biggest hit is on Track 9, “Tristeza de Nos Dois” (or Sad For Both Of Us).  Lot of subtle, silent notes abound in this 6 minute and 41 second number–definitely not to be missed.  The remaining songs pick up in pace and intensity, leading to almost a breakneck pace on the final track of Estate (Summer).

Great album to mark the final days of summer for most of the United States.  As the summer gateway leads to fall, more cool albums and another cool DVD concert review will awaiting for you to discover and hopefully comment on in the coming weeks.

Hope to see you again here soon.  Please have a great rest of the day.


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