Artists Worth Checking Out: Kerry Linder Brings On Many Relaxing Sounds

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Growing up in the Netherlands Antilles on the island of Curaçao, Kerry is a key figure on the New York City jazz scene.

Her 2004 debut album, Sail Away With Me features very calm and nice versions of late 1950’s/early 1960’s samba songs.

The liner notes explain in her own words some of the reasons why she chose the songs.  With Mauro Refosco on percussion and Paulo Andre Tavares on guitar, the songs take on a refreshing, yet soothing vibe.  No two songs are alike in pace or rhythm, but that is part of the fun of hearing this album.

Rather than bore you with sounding off on her key thoughts from each track, my basic thoughts tell me one thing that this is indeed my favorite season of the year:

Nice pic distraction, don't you think? Image courtesy of my own personal collection

Nice pic distraction, don’t you think?
Image courtesy of my own personal collection

The songs bring about a relaxed, not rushed pace.  Kerry’s voice switches from Portuguese to English and back almost as easily as a hand trying on a new glove.

My favorite songs include not only the title track but “St. Judy’s Comet” on Track 5 and the three minute scat number with a simple closing remark, “That’s All.”

Overall, this is a very nice CD to have in your car or welcome in guests for a relaxing night with friends.

For those that are inclined to have a little extra fun, it is time to grab your favorite apple cider drink and start kicking around some newly fallen leaves on your way to your favorite orchards and take in the autumn season.

As we have often found out especially in the northern half of the United States, autumn only lasts for a few days and Mother Nature greets us with a extended bout of winter cold.  Hopefully, today will be the start of some very decent weather days to come.

More good profiles to come during October, and there might be another Olympic update as well.  Hope to see you all then, please take care of yourselves.


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