Artists Worth Checking Out: Mark Sganga’s Guitar Amps Up The Cool Factor

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Hailing from New Jersey, this longtime guitarist would definitely be a welcome addition if you wish to take a break from salsa dancing (you know who you are;) or watching America’s favorite baseball team advance in the playoffs like the Chicago Cubs did in dramatic fashion shutting out Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

Although the same cover on the back of the liner notes from this late 2000’s album appears as the permanent background on the back partition of the jewel case, please do not let it deter you from the music that this music definitely conjures up one image–and that is to party.

Let your hair down and kindly kick off those heels, ladies–your feet need a much deserved break after hearing the appropriate lyrics on Track 2, “Rio Carnival”.  I bet someone working in tourism or the travel industry is probably getting a hold on this and maybe adding this song to the 2016 Rio Olympics playlist.

Another song to check out is “Afterglow” on Track 7, very steady and subtle beats throughout the entire nearly four minute track.

The pace is mostly slow and methodical until Track 9, and then you get the feeling that an auto race is ready to break out as the green flag flies for “Chusen Kala Mazeltov”.  Even a delectable dessert makes a clever song title on the final track with “Lemon Merengue.”

Mark keeps up a social media presence on both his website and Facebook if you wish to learn more about his teaching music at a New Jersey college.  This is definitely an artist who should be worth keeping on your virtual radar screens to see what comes next.  An excellent album, great for parties or just relaxing after a long, hectic day.  Like most albums in this blog, I give Sganganova one of my highest ratings.

Next week, it is off to Lipstick City USA and no, I am not talking about the Rembrandts on the mound in National League Cy Young candidates Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I will be heading virtually up the coast and drifting off the beaten path towards California Wine Country and the picture postcard musical journey taken by Bill Cunliffe on his trip to Brazil in 1995.

Enjoy your weekend.  And yes, as promised–I have a really cool Olympic update to share.  For those people residing in Brazil, please pay special attention to the last part of the above blog for some key information.

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