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Major Construction Update as Several Venues Are Nearing Completion

I had to briefly pinch myself, but the construction people in Rio are proving me wrong again.

Many venues from swimming to basketball, wrestling, fencing, judo, and taekwondo have been taking shape since the last major update from the Rio Olympic Committee on their website dated September 18.

If you want more accurate updates, check this link out which features most of the key venues already nearing completion:


Volleyball Venue Draws Rave Reviews During Test Event

Brazil teams nearly come close to sweeping all three podium events

With the AVP wrapping up their season in early September, it was a good excuse for the host nation to get some much needed spikes in at gorgeous Copacabana Beach.

The beach volleyball venue is drawing stellar reviews because of its’ location and the general proximity to most clubs and restaurants that dot the city of Rio at night.

Even though it rained the first weekend of September on the temporary arena which is installed in front of Avenida Princesa Isabel, Brazilian teams came close to nearly sweeping all three medals during the FIVB test event.

Already qualified for the 2016 Olympics, the dynamic ladies duo of Larissa França and Talita Antunes took out the current world champions and winnners of the St. Petersburg event earlier this summer in Barbara Seixas and Agatha Bednarczuk 2-1.  The bronze medal was claimed by the Dutch pair of Madelein Meppelink and Marleen Van Iersel won in two sets over Brazil’s duo of Maria Antonelli and Juliana Felisberta da Silva.

In the men’s draw, Samoilovs/Smedins beat the Germans Markus Bockermann and Lars Fluggen for the gold, while Brazilians Saymon Barbosa and Guto Carvalhaes overcame 2016 Olympic qualifiers and current world champions Bruno Schmidt (no relation to former Olympic basketball great Oscar Schmidt) and Alison Cerutti for bronze.

Another cool thing coming out of that tournament is that the FIVB will take a small page out of Major League Baseball’s instant replay system.  Each team will get two challenges per set.  If a point is wrongly awarded or denied (especially on hard hit spikes following a long rally), that team can ask the referee to call for a video replay.

And just like in the NFL, if they lose the ruling, they will lose a challenge as well.

But I thought I would save the best part for last and this note deserves special attention for all the readers that call Brazil home:

Você também pode participar do revezamento da tocha olímpica

That’s right, those people residing in Brazil could take part in the Olympic torch relay next summer.

Sponsored in part by Coca-Cola, Nissan, and one of the largest banking and financial services firms in Brazil called Bradesco, they are leading an online search to find residents living in Brazil to take part in something very special.

After the traditional ceremony in Athens, Greece takes place on April 21, the torch will eventually be flown to Brasilia following a relay by Brazilian Olympic organizers starting on April 27.

The link below gives a brief summary of all of the cities and towns that dot the entire Brazilian landscape when the torch will be carried both on foot and sometimes by plane for over 95 days leading up to the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The second link is for my fellow MPB’s to nominate someone living in Brazil:


Deadline is October 15 (the link is in Portuguese):



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