Master Composers: Eliane Elias Takes On The Classics


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Eliane Elias has been a mainstay in the Brazilian jazz scene for over 30 years.  Born in Sao Paulo on March 19, 1960, she began learning piano by age seven.  By 1977, Elias began to perform regularly.

To her credit, she has done 23 albums to date and has collaborated on works with former husband Randy Brecker and current husband who happens to be her bass player in Marc Johnson.

This album which came out during the summer by Concord Records has Eliane playing nothing but the hits in her own unique style.

How about this for an opening quartet of songs:

Aquarela do Brasil, Voce, Waters of March (in Portuguese), and Searching.

Lots of great piano and electric bass in key portions as well throughout the album.  We even get to hear her sing in English as well on Track 5, “Some Enchanted Place” and the over 5 1/2 minute number on Track 9, “Driving Ambition”.

Overall, a very nice disk to head into the holiday season–especially in the United States with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

So many cool things to be thankful for in a year again featuring plenty of nice albums and relaxing tunes for everyone to enjoy.

Next month, time to fire up the yule logs and pour some egg nog as I get all festive with red and green as I review another quartet of special holiday albums.

This time around, you will get to read reviews from artists such as Lisa Ono from Japan, Vinnie Zummo and his pair of holiday compilations done eight years apart, and to round out the year is a special album by Bossa Nova Noveau.

But just you wait…

I will have one more Olympic update to give you just before it is devore devoram crise de crise or, “Gobble Gobble Crunch Crunch” time on that holiday turkey, stuffing (preferably unseasoned), and my favorite portion of the American Thanksgiving meal–cranberry sauce done just right.  Anyone also interested in carrots mixed in with butter and kelp is also a classic side dish in my household, so if anyone wants the recipe–you know how to reach me.

Enjoy the short work week folks, you all deserve a break.




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