Olympic Update

More venues nearing completion

Taking a much needed breather from the IAFF news that Russia has been caught in a doping scandal involving their track team and may not be eligible to send any of their athletes in time for the Olympics…

Recently, field hockey began testing with Brazil’s national colors occupying the playing surface.

They will have 8,000 seats during the Games with capacity shrinking eventually to 2,500.

Handball, canoe slalom, and golf also have their venues ready for action as well.

You can see more stunning helicopter shots at the 2016 Rio Olympics website.

Only the Velodrome and the Olympic Tennis Center are not yet complete.

The only other major story of note is that auditions have taken place for the many hundreds of dancers that we will be seeing during both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies during the Olympics in August and the Paralympic Games in September.

Most of the dancers in the YouTube video were mostly doing slow dances to the equivalent of Swan Lake along with moves normally seen in some American high schools.

In terms of news on the playing fields…

The American water polo team brings back only four players from the 2012 London gold medal winning team.  But the rest of the world better watch out, as youth will serve up with their current experience in the hopes of again carrying on the same tradition in repeating as gold medal winners at a pool overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain.  Several exhibition matches were held from November 13 to 15 and it appeared everyone had a good time.

Next Olympic update will be sometime in early or mid December.  To all of my American blog readers, may you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Please try not to eat so much turkey, ok?






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