Concert Review: Marina Elali simply dazzles in Duetos concert

Excellent concert to view for this and every New Year’s Eve


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In 2013, Marina Elali brought so much energy bringing on so many talented singers and performers–she probably could have made Taylor Swift appear a bit dizzy.

But she did take a bit of time to pay proper homage to her late grandfather in a way only seen by what Natalie Cole did (who sadly passed away at age 65 just hours after this blog was initially posted, may she RIP) covering the late Nat King Cole single, “Unforgettable.”

The highlights, you ask?  There are plenty of them:


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She starts out by singing, “Vem Morena” and brings on stage Geraldo Azevedo, a special trio act with Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano, and a video duet with Gilberto Gil.

Plus, the way she commands an audience is something to behold:


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Her contagious smile is evident throughout the entire show.  After doing a love song with Daniel Gonzaga came a true sight for sore eyes, a special duet with Ivete Sangalo:


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Brief Soapbox Moment, if I may be so kind:

If both Marina Elali and Ivete Sangalo are not on the lengthy list of singers for the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, I hope there is some kind of investigation because it would be a crime not to see either of these talented singers who know how to bring more than their “A” game to any party, let alone to kick off one of the biggest sporting events on the planet.

Back to the show.

Choaro comes in to perform some type of rap number, but I found that song a bit out of place with what was to come.

After Paulo Afonso does a nice accordion number comes the ultimate tear jerking moment of the night:

As black and white images of her grandfather played on the screen interspersed with color images of sharing some private time with her grandmother, we see her sing while wearing a full length gray dress while paying homage to one of her grandfather’s biggest hits in “Acaua Com”:


Touching tribute singing to her late grandfather’s music, with image courtesy of

A few songs later, we see her playing on the piano to the tune, “Adeus Saudade”.  Then, the real fun begins again with multiple sexy leg movements teaming up with Elba Ramalho and later with Tania Mara:


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Marina then performs flawlessly by herself in “Cintura Fina”, then a few more sets of trios complete the show capped off with a memorable performance featuring Marina with Ivete Sangalo and Elba Ramalho:


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Finally, everyone else is brought back on stage and Marina kisses and hugs everybody on stage–and I mean everybody while a happy go lucky song plays.

There is also some nice bonus features, with a little bit of English being spoken by one of her behind the scenes people.

Basically, that part of the video shows Marina behind the scenes, going over scrapbooks with her mother, seeing her collaborate in rehearsal, teaming up with Randy Barlow in Miami while working on another album, taking calls from listeners on a local radio show, exercising (watch how she performs on the trampoline!), and a local TV commercial about this very concert appears around the 25th minute.

Bonus points for those who can successfully translate every word from Portuguese to American English.

Towards the end, we finally get to see her see view the finished product and crying some happy tears in the process as everyone else around her claps in appreciation.

Par Excellance on this concert DVD presentation. 

A perfect 10!

Even the inside sleeve showing Marina in complete thought is too indescribable for words:


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Overall, it was a lovely concert by an amazing woman who is only going to get better as time goes on.

Please try your best to pick this DVD up online and play it whenever you are in a party mood.  I am playing this instead of watching Ryan Seacrest when the ball drops in Times Square in front of thousands of New York City revelers.

One more cute image of Marina behind the scenes to close out my blog for 2015 as a thank you to many of you supporting me and lending me your periodic comments, which are much appreciated and I hope they continue throughout 2016 and beyond.


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Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, everybody.

My plan for 2016 is to continue blogging a different CD or MP3/digital album every week, except during the month of August.  At that time, our singular focus will be on Rio and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.  You can expect more frequent Olympics updates starting in mid-January leading up to the final days of the torch relay when it heads into Sao Paolo sometime in early August.

I will also try to provide a concert review in the months of February, April, June, October, and maybe in early December.

And yes, Marco Loucura will make its’ triumphant return on Monday, March 14.  Will Marina Elali vault into a top seed or has Fabiana Passoni been MIA since sending her kids to school for the first time?  Stick around and find out.

I will greet you all with my first blog of 2016 with a classic artist that left us way too soon back in the 20th century, as I explore the works of Nara Leao sometime next week.

Hope to see you then.  Enjoy the rest of your New Year’s holiday weekend.


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