Artists Worth Checking Out: Bobby Brazil gives off unique vibes with Amazonica

Sorry, no album cover this week due to images appearing very faint online.

After hearing Viviane de Farias leading us into a sensual introduction on harp, violin, and oboe on “Belem, minha Cidade” to this impressive 2004 compilation.  Sadly, there are no credits anywhere in this digipak on which other artists actually did this neat selection of songs.

Viviane performed a mix of good, steady beats on songs ranging from “Viva Ronrico” on Track 3 to a slow, more methodical beat with “Back in Porto Alegre” on Track 5.  Futbol/soccer fans will like the tribute to Ronaldo on “Gool!  Samba para Ronaldo”, all 7 plus minutes on Track 4 being the longest song of the entire album.

My other favorite song on the album is Track 7, “The Waterfalls of Iguazu”.  After a few hectic paced songs, the album closes on a rather smooth note with a “Song for Joao (Gilberto)”.  Even fans of the late, great Oscar Castro Neves will be tickled pink after hearing Track 10 on “Beja Flor”.

One cool fact I found through a few online sites is that Bebel Gilberto’s producer, Marius de Vries (who has also produced Madonna, indie rock musician Björk and Annie Lennox from The Eurythmics fame) used lots of percussion on her latest CD as well.

A nice album to kick off your heels after a long week or just relaxing after another round of shoveling snow for those in the northern most climates.  It is available in most online places, namely Amazon and some stores on eBay if you look hard enough.  It was produced by Brigade Nouveau Records of Nuremburg, Germany.

I hope to provide my first of many Olympic updates before this weekend is out.  My next CD review may either be a classic nod to bossa nova’s beginnings or I might possibly go the digital route and review something neat that you can stream via MP3 players on either your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you can tell many fans to sign up and comment on my blogs.  Please tell me how I am doing, I do appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks so much for reading, and enjoying.



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