Artist Worth Checking Out: Stefan Dickerson ups the love factor


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In 1994, Heads Up International released a romantic Brazilian jazz CD appropriate enough for true romantic vibes.

Sadly, I could not locate any information online about this artist.

However, the album is first-rate.  By combining acoutsic grand piano with keyboards, he teamed up with Alex Acuna on percussion, Harvey Mason on drums, and Dori Caymmi on acoustic guitar.

The pace is soothing, calm, and very laid-back.  My favorite tracks are Track 2, “Brazilian Sunrise” and Track 4, “Morning View.”
Overall, a very decent album appropriate enough for Valentine’s weekend or any other special occasion where romantic vibes are a flowing.

Speaking of true romantic vibes, I have not forgotten about the legendary Marvin Gaye.  My subject last week of Gervaso Silva gives the man behind “Sexual Healing”, “Mercy, Mercy Me”, and “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” in pure bossa style.

See you on Valentine’s Day after more snow and bone chilling winds will be gripped the northern half of the United States over the weekend.  Take care.



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