Part 2, Gervaso Silva turns up Love factor in honoring Marvin Gaye


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Had Marvin Gaye be still alive today, he probably would have savored every second of Gervaso Silva’s romantic entries from this 2009 Points South Music entry.  All of his most famous hits are here, including the likes of the opening track, “I Want You”,  a rather scat-like version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (Track 6), and his wildly famous hit tunes, “Mercy, Mercy Me” and “Sexual Healing” (back-to-back tracks 7 and 8), along with “What’s Going On” to close out the album.

The pace is medium pace throughout, but Silva honors the legendary jazz artist with the right use of the key instruments and hitting all of the key notes.

For me, this would be in my ultimate ten-pack of jazz CD’s to use in romantic times along with anything by Jessy J of California, the artist simply known as Sade, Diana Krall’s sexy version of The Look of Love from 2001 and the 2012 saucy entry, The Girl In The Other Room, anything by Candy Dulfer, Norah Jones’ pretty 2012 entry, …Little Broken Hearts, my first personal Brazilian jazz crush in Patricia Talem with her 2009 solo album, any of Bebel Gilberto’s works, one-time subject here in this blog in Lori Carsillo, and Fabiana Passoni’s rather crafty EP appropriately titled, Dim The Lights.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, everybody.  I will return by the end of this coming with another really cool CD review as you grab your favorite drink of choice, chilled over ice and the cocktails are getting the party started.


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