Concert Review: Vanessa da Mata pleases with cool variety of songs


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On November 27, 2008, Vanessa da Mata performed an outdoor concert in the southwestern corner of Rio called Paraty.  Many of her famous hits are on this hour long concert DVD released in 2009, which does include full American English translations.

Small note of warning on track two (“Illegais” or better known as “You Don’t Love Me [no, no, no]), as you better hide the kids over some of Vanessa’s language used (family viewing, people).  One song after the daylight fades into the darkness, she sings about being on a train and appreciating the view with “Viagem”.

Track five is the really nice song about love and caring and faith on “Ainda Bem”.  She gets very playful with her very long hair on Track 7, but the rest of the concert is a very fun listen.

A 25 minute documentary and the music video when she teams up with Ben Harper on their famous “Good Luck” are a big chunk of the bonus features.

Overall, this is a very nice disk–well presented and it included this special note tucked behind the mini booklet from Vanessa herself, translated into American English:

“Paraty this afternoon that ends in night, the Brazil of balloons and children, the homeless man and his dog, colorful umbrellas, miraculously open to our request for rain, the priest and some unsuspecting foreigners all mixed in the same audience.

That good to write my first DVD in this charming town and now, more than ever, is part of my history. A kiss to the town of Paray.”



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