Olympic Update

Ticket sales very slow with five months to go before Opening Ceremony

According to many media reports and the Daily Mail website from the United Kingdom, ticket sales for almost all of the Olympics sporting venues are selling at a sporadic pace.  I wonder if the true locals in and around Rio will gobble up those final tickets, considering the country has a 10 percent unemployment rate and President Dilma Rousseff continues to be fighting charges of impeachment.

Consider also those murky waters where the rowing and sailing venues will take place, where testing will be stepping up from once a month to twice a week starting in May.  If the air quality gets any worse than what the recent ESPN Outside The Lines report mentioned–how about trying to set foot around the area that has been for decades and still is to this day as true industrial country south and east of the pretty waters surrounding Lake Michigan.  No need to book any actual tours, wouldn’t want to bore you en route to seeing all of the fabulous shops in Chicago.  When one rides near those areas, you will notice almost immediately those simply distinct smells that come out of those factories.  Sure hope your vehicle’s exhaust fans are pointing in the proper direction just in case.

And yes, that Zika virus has many women worried–especially women who are thinking of becoming pregnant.  Even guys have been asked to postpone any trips planned for Rio or to abstain from having sex during the Games and also to wear extra condoms, especially after returning to their homelands.  Major kudos to the Rio Olympic Committee for making sure that the entire Olympic Village will act like my house is during most of the summer–all windows are to be closed with shades and blinds being completely covered up so any mosquitos will not enter any athlete’s rooms.

I have one tip that I used to do very well during 2005 to 2008 in not only cooling off my bedroom at the time, but an adjacent room where I had to do the typing of my blogs.

Roll up some newspapers all around the bottom of the air conditioner to provide a seal and cover with duct tape.  Above all, make sure the air vent is properly set so all of the hot air stays outside.

During one key IOC Board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, most of the members are not at all concerned that Rio will get their act ready in time.  Unlike in London, where most tickets were scooped up practically within a month of their original announcement, this is a pace that is far worse than what Athens, Greece went through prior to the 2004 Summer Games.  At least, those Games turned out fine.

At least, the velodrome is almost finished for the cyclists and fans will be treated to riding a subway that will link the world famous Ipanema Beach along with Copacabana Beach to the Olympic Park area located in the western suburb of Barra da Tijuca.



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