Meus Encantos, a true delight


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During 2012, Paula Fernandes continued in the vein of romantic, relaxing, and laid-back music with the album Meus Encantos (translated meaning, “My Charms”).

My favorite tracks are the opening track, “Cuidar mais de mim” (“Caring For Me”), Track 4, “Harmonia do amor” (“Harmony Love”), and the quickening pace of Track 6, “Mineirinha ferveu”.   The remaining songs all take on a slow to medium pace, and throughout the liner notes–there is Paula smiling, working her best Shania Twain pose with the cowboy boots, touching the water (which I presume was much cleaner than what it is at the time this blog was posted), several other cute shots sporting a simple black top and a light tan/beige ruffled dress, and one shot sporting a little black dress.

But that all paled in comparison to this really adorable shot:


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Simple and carefree, and yet–I hope and wish that the world will get to see her sing in less than five months when Rio welcomes the world at the Games of the XXXI Summer Olympics.

Early next week, I will briefly review her 2013 album–Um Ser Amor.

In the meantime, Monday will be the 68 individuals and/or groups invited to play in the fourth annual Marco Locuoura virtual tournament.  Hope to see you then, after the United States gets to lose one hour of sleep come Saturday night with the early arrival of Daylight Savings Time.  Enjoy your weekend.

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