Fourth Annual Marco Loucura Tournament has arrived

Similar to the NCAA Tournament brackets released on Sunday afternoon, there were plenty of WOW moments in the composing of this Brazilian Fun Jazz bracket.

Names you would never think about appearing here did indeed make the field.  And reflecting Louisville’s self-imposed ban, I thought of doing the next big thing for my dear online friend and superfan of this blog.  Please read on for all of the details:

Opening Round match-ups for March 15 and 16:

JOBIM: Seu Jorge vs. Mark Sganga

REGINA:  Carol Welsman vs. Joyce Moreno

PASSONI:  Ed Motta vs. Gerardo Frisina

REGINA:  Nara Leao vs. Till Bronner


The overall Number 1 seed is the woman who dazzled the world with that umbrella dress during the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony…

  1. Marisa Monte

16. Cris Braun

8. Basia

9. Alexia Bomtempo–longtime American resident coming over from Poland vs. an American born artist who called Rio her home for several years and has recently taken up stakes in New York.

5. Boney James

12. Bobby Brazil

4. Clara Moreno

13. Trails & Ways

6. Diana Krall

11. Seu Jorge

3. Eliane Elias

14. Laura Fygi

7. Les Hommes

10. Claudia Leitte

2. Joyce Cooling

15. Kerry Linder

On to the lower left portion of the bracket we go, and surprise, it’s the always sweet and kind:


I bet when she is up for it, she might be inspired enough to go to Custom Ink’s website and order some custom made T-shirts once the regional final ends on Easter Sunday night.

  1. Walter Wanderley

16. Ed Motta

8. Batacoto

9. Ivan Lins

5. Marcio Montarroyos

12. Elizeth Cardoso

4. Frank Sinatra

13. Marcos Valle–battle of legends here

6. Till Bronner

11. Glaucia Nasser

3. Lee Ritenour

14. Terra Sul

7. Bebel Gilberto

10. Maria Bethania, same seed as the prior three years (how ironic)

2. Brandy Volant

15. Ligia Piro, one of two new First Time entrants in the Fun Jazz Tournament

Just like the East Region is the toughest bracket in the Big Dance, this is truly a firecracker of a region named after a legend who left this world way too soon:


  1. Michael Franks

16. Carol Welsman

8. Sylvia Telles

9. Al di Meola

5. Herb Alpert

12. Complicated Animals, one of the few groups to make the field.

4. Gisele de Santi

13. Halie Loren, another first time Fun Jazz participant.

6. Tania Maria

11. Nara Leao

3. Sabrina Malheiros

14. Hadley Hockensmith

7. Milton Nascimento

10. Ithamara Koorax

2. Pat Metheny

15. Bill Cunliffe

The final region (lower right portion of the bracket for those of you looking on your smartphones) again honors another legend, but only was recently called to the gates of heaven after a lengthy and famous career:


  1. Patricia Talem, once again one of my early Brazilian jazz crushes getting rewarded, but will she shine the brightest on the biggest of virtual stages?

16. Marilyn Scott

8. Marcela Mangabeira, the very first Brazilian jazz crush I ever had.  So happy she made the field.

9. Lori Carsillo, this should be a fun matchup.

5. Sherie Julianne, another nice friend of this blog getting a very decent seed.

12. Deodato, old school vs. new school–who will win this particular battle?

4. Ivete Sangalo

13. Yutaka, some people might see this as a possible upset…but I don’t see it with all of the flash and sexy outfits that Ivete wears on a regular basis.

6. Superpulse, just like their song “Beach In My Mind”, they came out of nowhere in the last few weeks to earn an automatic bid.

11. Bianca Rossini, had to sneak up in the very last week just to make the field.

3. Stacey Kent

14. John Klemmer

7. Luciana Souza

10. Leila Pinheiro

2. Wanda Sa

15. Manu Santos

The likes of Juarez Moreira, Soulstance, Bruna Caram, Evan Marks, and Randy Crawford barely missed the field.

Again, these brackets will mirror exactly what happens in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.  The preliminary matchups were decided on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 15 and 16 with all winners indicated by boldface type.  The rest of the brackets were then filled in according to what the real bracket was like starting on March 17.

After that, check back during each of the next two Mondays to find out how certain individuals and groups past and present did in this fun tournament format.

But I cannot end this particular blog without giving my Final Four picks:

I have Marisa Monte going up against Michael Franks in one semifinal, while on the other side, I hope to see Pat Metheny lock horns with Wanda Sa.

The final game on Monday, April 4 will have Wanda Sa of Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’65 fame take down the favorite in Marisa Monte in a gripping final match.

For my thoughts on the real Big Dance (and there are plenty of cool blogs to read through), please point your browsers or tap your smartphones to the link below and thanks so much for reading and your continued online support:






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