Paula Fernandes EP is short, but very sweet


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In 2013, this four song EP and a similar DVD was released with Paula doing only four songs:

First, the title track (translated meaning, “A Being Love” almost sounded like the idealistic ballad of Amy Grant’s “That’s What Live Is For” song from her 1991 breakout pop hit album Heart In Motion.

Second, Paula goes introspective in the slow pace of, “Alem Da Vida” (or “Beyond Life”).  The final two tracks are similar in pace with Paula speaking the first part before introducing fans to, “Ceu Vermelho” (or “Red Sky”), and closing out the EP with a song appropriate for sleeping while dreaming of spring and the signs of things blooming outdoors with, “Apenas Flor” (or “Only Flower”).

Luckily, Universal Music did leave behind all of the Portuguese lyrics.  Bonus points for anyone who has both the time and the energy to contribute any American English translations.

Next week, we return to the full albums once again with Paula’s 2014 effort.  And just like this EP, you can find both concert titles at Amazon and eBay on DVD as well.


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