Duets You Like? Then Encontros Pelo Caminho Should Fit The Bill


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By 2014, Paula Fernandes continued her honky-tonk frame of mind, donned some fashionable boots as if she was taking a trip to the American South and decided to go country.  And if those twenty pages of liner notes and pics of her posing alongside a gravel road don’t convince you to check this album out, maybe this fact should suffice.

However, she did not do this album alone (the title translated simply means, “Encounters All the Way”).  Paula did 14 tracks with some impressive duet acts.  Among the bigger names in music she teamed up with include:

  • Country music legend Tim McGraw on one of his staples, “Highway Don’t Care”
  • Michael Bolton doing the children’s classic tune, “Over the Rainbow”
  • Country turned pop rock star from the early 2000’s in Shania Twain on one of her really big hits, “You’re Still The One”.  Listen carefully to the parts that Paula sings in her native Portuguese.

There are other cool duets sung in Portuguese, from the likes of Zeze di Camargo, Michel Telo, Juanes, Chaynnae, and Ze Ramalho.

And if you are also interested, there is a DVD concert along with some music videos from this very same album.  Here she was prior to speaking at a press gathering on the same day this album was released:


Image courtesy of estacaodanoticia.com

Please don’t mistake some of the pics inside throughout the booklet inside the CD as if she was acting as Shania Twain’s double.  Simply put, each of her duets are simply dynamite in this nearly hour long collection of songs.  This is a very nice collection to enjoy as background music in any party setting or working around the house.

Speaking of dynamite, this little surprise came in my mail during the last major snowstorm which affected my home area in February:


How mail gets addressed to the United States, all the way from Brazil:)

I bet what you are all wondering what was inside this small envelope?

Well, just like the Easter bunny that goes hopping along, throwing gently those neatly decorated plastic eggs while spreading cheer and fun times to good little girls and boys–that answer will be saved until next week.

For my American friends, please have a safe and enjoyable Easter holiday.

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