A Truly Eclectic Brazilian Jazz Final Four Awaits

In the case of men’s college basketball during the 2015-2016 season, parity was the key buzzword of the entire year.

Only one top seed emerged into the Final Four in Houston.

Likewise, here in the Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament, we have a pair of legends and a pair of relative unknowns emerging into this version of the Final Four.

Your match-ups for Saturday, April 2 are:

Joyce Cooling, the Antonio Carlos Jobim Region winner

vs. Brandy Volant, the Fabiana Passoni Region winner

Michael Franks, the only Number 1 seed to emerge as

the Elis Regina Region winner

vs. Leila Pinheiro, the Oscar Castro-Neves Region winner

Whomever wins on Saturday will have a short blog featuring

pics of the two survivors next Sunday evening.

And whoever wins on Monday, April 4–that will be one of

my two CD review blogs for next week.  The other will be an

appropriate title for spring, as I will cover Azymuth’s Butterfly album.

Please have a great week.

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