Paula Fernandes latest effort is quite a gem


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In 2015, Paula tapped on the worldwide resources of Universal Music to come up with this rather eclectic set of songs.

From the steady opening track of, “Pronta Pra Voce” (translated meaning “Ready For You”) to the rather slow, crawling pace of Track 2, “A Paz Desse Amor” (or “Peace That Love”–not sure if that is a grammatically correct statement, but I digress).

Paula nearly went Christopher Cross on us in the opening seconds of Track 4.  But instead of the early 1980’s rock hit, “Ride Like The Wind”–instead, we get a steady but powerful message of a song called “Depende Da Gente” (or “It Depends on Us”).

The title track is on Track 5 which is a piano piece meaning, “Dawn”.   In a way, by simply looking at the fabulous 24 pages of pics and the Portuguese lyrics, it feels like Paula is completely at ease on a beachfront setting.  With her guitar by her side, she seems very carefree as if she would ever be a body double for Shania Twain (if and when her people ever call her is another separate question).


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Track 6 can fall easily under the party/picking up food at your local deli type of music, a rather nice pick me up song called “Piracao” (sadly, no English translation).  The snappy pace continues on Track 7, “Agua No Bico” (or “Water In Its’ Beak”).

The remainder of this album is mostly slow, Shania Twain “Still The One” pace, with the small exception of kindly asking her fans to dance to Track 10, “Menino Bonito” (or “Beautiful Boy”).  Overall, a very nice and cool surprise to her longstanding fans.

To me, after profiling this fine talent all March long, I am safe to say that Paula Fernandes is definitely going places…some far and some close to home, as this pair of bonus pics that were not featured in the album liner notes clearly indicate how much fun she is really enjoying these days:


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For that and many reasons too numerous to mention, I really hope and wish that Paula Fernandes will be one of the many dozens of singers that will be called on to perform during the Opening Ceremony to the Summer Olympics come the Friday evening of August 5.

A woman who not only exudes lots of passion in her voice, but also a lot of heart as well.  To me, that is Paula Fernandes in a nutshell.

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