Master Composers: Azymuth with appropriate title for Spring


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In 2008, Azymuth came out with this album which is a really nice mix to welcome spring.

Ten tracks in all, and the pace is medium to fast at times with very little to no vocals.  Songs to check out include the title track leading off and “Meu Doce Amigo” on Track 3.  Nice songs for the weekend playlist as well.  “New Dawn” on Track 6 also has a nice and steady beat for relaxation or doing work around the house.

But perhaps the biggest single to come out of this album was “Morning” on Track 9.  Just the right blend of horns and percussion throughout.

If you want a larger opinion, check the liner outs and original testimonials in this digipak available online at Amazon, eBay, and also at

Next week as I continue reviewing a different artist each and every week, I will take some time to salute the birthday of Rosa Passos and review her album titled “Amorosa”.

Plus, with the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament finally in the rear view mirror after the most thrilling finishes in the sport’s history–the Summer Olympics will have a very interesting act to follow.

I will continue to post updates periodically and come August, I plan to cover some of the key sports–in particular both genders in basketball, both versions of volleyball both indoors and on the sand along Copacabana Beach, and rugby sevens.

Enjoy your weekend and the music.  Even better, you can listen to the whole album online–Yahoo has a direct link to the Youtube page.





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