Passionate concert from Maria Rita drew lots of praise

SPECIAL NOTE:  2016 has been a difficult year for music fans with very tragic losses.  First, on the day of his anticipated “Blackstar” album was released in January was the tragic news about David Bowie shockingly leaving the world.  A few weeks later, the rocker who penned the hit to the 1984 “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack Glenn Frey left us far too soon. 

And just this afternoon (Thursday) in Minneapolis, Prince is gone at 57.  The rock artist known as simply the undecipherable glyph turned out hit after hit, from the likes of 1980’s songs “Little Red Corvette”, “(Party Like It’s) 1999”, “When Doves Cry”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Purple Rain”, the 1994 romantic number “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World”, along with scores of other hits that transcended fashion, the rise of MTV as a true force in cable television, and the genres of rock combining together with R&B and funk has since taken the music stratosphere into an entirely different world.

If you get some time, check out his awesome halftime show done in the driving rain of Miami at Super Bowl XLI in 2007.  Super Bowl XLIX halftime act Katy Perry went to Twitter and simply remarked over his sudden passing:  “And just like that…the world lost a lot of magic.” 

Prince also worked tirelessly behind the scenes at his Paisley Park Minneapolis recording studio and would later help many other artists achieve success of their own, from the likes of Stevie Nicks’ “Stand Back” and The Bangles famous 1986 hit single, “Manic Monday.”

An unmistakable talent, Prince was simply amazing at everything he did.  Even in his brief time of controversy around the turn of the century, he did what was best as he saw things at that time.  And just like David Bowie, he will be remembered as a true music icon that shaped the world and changed the way we listen to music going forward.  May Prince RIP.



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On June 10, 2008, Maria Rita did a really awesome concert.

It featured moving images playing in the background over a big screen that the audience enjoyed, while Maria would be dancing around as the camera mostly took shots of her tropical looking shoes:


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Outside of the first three minutes of the performance, when Maria was standing like an oak tree-she had lots of energy and passion in each of the songs.  Even a few times, she sang some love songs with her eyes closed!

Albeit the entire concert did not have any English translations, the bonus content did have some nuggets of Maria riding in the backseat of a car as picturesque scenes around Rio showcased the impressive tropical views while being on the road.  At the same time, the right side of the road showed scores of beach-goers playing soccer or volleyball, or simply soaking up those endless rays of the sun.

We would also get to see Maria’s crew act both serious and in joking styles as well.  Sound check goes well by the time five o’clock rolls around.

Another hour later, we see her perform in front a few dozen people.

By the time she prepares to get into her attire, she shared these comments which really struck me the most:

“It’s a big responsibility to perform a great show…

I have this thing.  I have to be fully satisfied.

I’m very critic(al) to myself.  I have to be satisfied when it’s over.”

Overall, the 20 songs on the DVD are a true testament to what Maria Rita, Sao Paolo born and raised has done and still continues to do even today.  Hopefully, the world will get to see her again come August at the Opening Ceremony to kick off the Rio Olympics.

Definitely pick up this disk online, this concert is a must have.




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