Artists Worth Checking Out: Lawson Rollins


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Lawson Rollins grew up in North Carolina and would later help form the Latin guitar group Young and Rollins.  After producing four albums in the early 2000’s, he decided to go on his own which created this sparkling gem of an album from 2008.

From the very first minute on the song, “Cafe Jobim”–the guitar beats flow like an endless river and MPB artist Flora Purim provides the nice accompaniment on vocals.

She also teams up with him again on the title track (Track 5).  Other key songs that are worth a listen while working on your garage or nailing down those tricky Billy bookcases that you purchased from your local IKEA store include:

  • “In Motion”, Track 3
  • “The Awakening”, Track 6
  • “Through the Night”, Track 7
  • “Streets of San Miguel”, Track 10

This nearly 58 minute album is great for doing light housework or hosting a family dinner party–not too fast, but not too slow as far as tempo goes.

I will explore another artist next week with a similar beat, the 2004 Cumulus Records release of Ed Johnson along with Novo Tempo on his stellar work, Movimento.

Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the final countdown to the Olympic flame arriving in Brazil.


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