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In 2005, Rob Garza teamed up with Eighteenth Street Lounge co-owner in Washington D.C. by the name of Eric Hilton.  Both men have had a deep passion of covering bossa nova tunes, mainly from the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

My curiosity about this band began in 2014 after listening to the song, “Decollage” sung so beautifully by vocalist LouLou Ghelichkhani.  The pace is loose and very carefree, a near crossover of Monica da Silva’s work with the Complicated Animals and the early albums of recent birthday woman Bebel Gilberto (who turned 50 this past Thursday).  The group has done eight albums between the years 1997 and 2011.  My album Pick of the Week is their latest effort from April 1, 2014.

Other songs definitely worth a listen while in your car or on the train include:

“Quem Me Leva” (translated meaning, “Who Means Me”) on Track 3 and “Firelight”, a very nice toe-tapping song.  For more intimate get-togethers, the subtle whispers of Elin Melgarejo at the beginning of Track 5 should spice up any romantic scenes with “Sola In Citta” (or simply, “Outsole In Citta”).

The pace slows dramatically on Track 6, “No More Disguise” and the title track at position number 7.  A nice song for easy lounge settings or simple relaxation can be found on Track 9 with Karina Zeviani doing an excellent rendition of “Nos Dois”, done originally by Cartola in 1977.

The pace returns to a more lively beat on the final three tracks, with Track 11 of “Para Sempre” (or “Forever”) performed again by Elin Melgarejo getting some high marks from me as steady and consistent drum beats done by Jeff Franca and Mike Lowery make this song a keeper.  Honorable mention goes to Track 12, “Bateau Rouge” (French for “boat ridge”), which someday might give the ultimate Brazilian spring break song by Les Hommes The Mood Is Modal a possible run for its’ money.

The album is available online, mainly at Amazon along with  And the group is still touring and drawing great crowds even today, with their constant social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Next week, I will do another two-fer featuring a once popular telenovela actress who managed to produce a pair of stellar albums five years apart.

Her name is Ligia Piro, and I will explore her two earliest albums next week.

In the meantime, please pray that Brazil can somehow, someway find some honest and truthful solutions to their desperate, longstanding problems of double-digit inflation and going to extremes to keep the thousands of Olympic athletes, officials, and broadcasters safe from any arising health and safety risks at many of the venues.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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