Savannah Guthrie to miss Olympics for NBC

Popular Today co-anchor in announcing her second pregnancy on Tuesday has major concerns about Zika virus

On the CNNMoney site, they reported only a handful of the over 2,000 NBC staffers slated to go to Rio have decided to stay home instead.

This move however, will not affect any of their jobs.

“The safety of our team members is always our first priority.  NBCUniversal’s medical department has advised all of our Olympic personnel to consult with their personal physicians, and continues to provide the latest information from the CDC and WHO, including basic prevention steps.  No NBC personnel assigned to work in Rio will be required to travel if they believe their personal health or safety is at risk.”

NBC statement released officially Tuesday concerning the Zika virus in Brazil

For those not in the know, since the Athens Games of 2004…Studio 8H inside Rockefeller Center in New York is usually dark during the summer with the Saturday Night Live crew off doing other projects (for instance, this summer seeing Maya Rudolph hosting a variety show with comedian Martin Short).

Tucked away from the outer hallway we sometimes see during the opening monologues is a bank of TV monitors.  Most often, you will hear the announcers call parts of the Olympics from those monitors pretending like they are actually there.

In other words, it is a little extra trick to get people to watch, at least IMHO.  I can recall during the Beijing Games in 2008 sports like water polo and judo did not send their announcers halfway around the world.  Considering it is an over 11 hour flight from North America to Brazil, I can completely understand many NBC staffers concerns.

At least, Savannah Guthrie, 44, can safely watch the Opening Ceremonies featuring Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer like the rest of us Americans.

This time around, all announcers not going to Rio will be housed in the NHL studios used in Stamford, Connecticut.

Small Update #1:  Towards the end of Friday’s show (June 10), weekend weather personality Dylan Dreyer also announced she was pregnant with her first child.  The couple will be expecting a baby boy in December, similar to when ABC’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee successfully gave birth in December 2015.

Small Update #2:  Hoda Kotb was tapped by NBC on June 16 to replace Savannah Guthrie and join Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer on the broadcast for the Opening Ceremony.  This news was according to the website.

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