Olympic Update: More Sorry News Aboout The Beaches

SPECIAL NOTE:  Within a span of 20 hours on Friday, another sports legend and a budding viral music artist left our world–but each left their mark on society in different ways.

As over 100,000 people lined the streets in Louisville, Kentucky prior to the memorial service honoring Muhammad Ali, word broke that “Mr. Hockey” who brought the fastest sport in the world to most places throughout North America–Gordie Howe succumbed to old age in Ohio at the age of 88.  Unlike Ali, Gordie let his stick and sometimes his physical stature to invoke pain to his opponents do the talking.

When we all woke up on Saturday, a tragedy took place in Orlando, Florida following a concert at a small venue which saw an idiot fan basically get in close range and ended up killing former contestant on “The Voice”, Christina Grimmie at the tender age of 22.

If you followed her final EP, ‘Side A’ on iTunes–one of her songs is titled “Deception”.  I can only imagine along with her thousands of fans that saw her initially on YouTube how devastating this news really is.  I bet she will be playing her piano virtually for years to come.


And there is more unhealthy news coming out of Rio’s five picturesque beaches.  Reuters reported on their website on Saturday more unhealthy news, so what I posted in a prior blog bears repeating:

Please click or tap on this link on an empty stomach:


Even many scientists and microbiologists have attended meetings and uncovered more disturbing findings.  Will they end up getting their ultimate wish if and when the IOC decides to ultimately postpone the 2016 Summer Olympics?  If what I read in the article linked below is truly valid, who knows?

Clearly, very little in and around Rio was done in the beginning as many people and organizations that were previously affiliated with former President Dilma Rousseff are at fault.  The chance to relocate the Olympics passed a long time ago, and we as fans do not find this news to be very pleasant.

But rather than undermine the true credibility which I have tried to build in this blog, the best thing for me to do is post the link that I read on Friday.  We can then draw our own conclusions from this one head of Medical Ethics at a New York University center:



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