Olympic Update: No Surprise as Russia’s Track and Field Team Banned

Doping allegations ring true, and IOC agrees with decision

Last Thursday (June 16), this story shook up the entire Olympic universe.  Perennial contenders in track and field, the Russians were sent home largely to prevent any future embarrassing happenings to the rest of the world.  This clearly sends a message that if you are clean and don’t do drugs–you are good to go.  That goes for everyone applying for a job and generally leading a honest, decent life on this planet Earth.

OK, that was my brief soapbox moment for the week–so as the rest of the ladies go back to Hota Kotb moments…

Beach volleyball slots determined for United States

Brook Sweat and Lauren Fendrick qualified as the final ladies’ duo joining three-time reigning Olympic champion Kerri Walsh-Jennings and 2012 London silver medalist April Ross.  The qualifications were determined largely by points, as the team of Jennifer Kessy and Emily Day were sent home.  Kessy, 38 will be remembered as one of the AVP’s greats and also was part of the 2012 London Olympics.

P.S.  Kerri Walsh-Jennings and April Ross continued their magic on the AVP beach tour, winning in two sets at the New York City Open.  It was the pair’s 11th win in the last 12 American tournaments.


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