Olympic Update: Rio in ‘State of Financial Disaster’

Decision comes with less than seven weeks until Opening Ceremony

According to an article on NBCSports.com this past Saturday (June 18), Brazil’s acting Governor Francisco Dornelles declared on Friday that Rio’s state government will be taking drastic measures since royalties from oil companies and dramatic dips of revenues from taxes have forced major problems to basic forms of living.

The article briefly talked about Rio’s state government is in such dire straits that two of its hospitals were taken over by their city government so their doctors could keep receiving their paychecks.  It has gotten so bad these days that even some police stations are so underfunded that they are asking neighbors to donate basic items like toilet paper.  Public workers and retirees have suffered months-long delays in receiving their checks.

With nearly $1 billion marked in emergency funds, key projects like the construction of the metro to Olympic Park and the further cleaning of the waters so the sailor and rowers will have a fairer competition could only stop the bleeding to a small point.

If this news alone does not mean the Olympics should go on as scheduled, then certainly many people are to blame.  It’s just the simple fact that time is running out.

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